How To Make A Splint

How To Make A Splint

In an emergency situation, where you don’t have immediate access to medical assistance, you may be required to make a splint for someone injured. A splint is a device used for holding a part of the body stable and motionless to decrease pain and prevent further injury.

1. Care for all wounds first before applying a splint. Without causing more damage, clean the wound as best as possible if necessary.

2. An injured body part should usually be splinted in the position in which it was found.

3. Find something rigid to use as supports to make the splint such as sticks, boards, or even rolled up newspapers. If none can be found, use a rolled blanket or clothing. An injured body part can also be taped to an uninjured body part in order to prevent it from moving. For example, you can tape an injured finger to the finger next to it to keep it immobile.

4. Extend the splint beyond the injured area in order to keep it from moving.Try to include the joint above and below the injury in the splint.

5. Secure the splint with whatever you have that can do the job (belts, cloth strips, neckties, etc.), or tape above and below the injury. Make sure the knots are not pressing on the injury, and try to avoid over-tightening which can cut off the circulation.

6. Take a close look at the area of the injured body part frequently for swelling, paleness, or numbness. If necessary, loosen the splint.

7. Seek professional medical attention.

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