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Winter Storm Power Outages and How To Survive Them

Winter Storm Power Outages and How To Survive Them

Huge snowstorms can knock out power for days, and that means no heat. You need to keep yourself, your family, and your pets warm, and keep your home safe. Here are a few tips.

Seal Yourself In! This means sealing all doors and windows with storm doors, and with plastic weatherstripping on your windows. Seal the space under doors with rolled up blankets or towels, and hang heavy drapery in front of windows. REMEMBER – Check your carbon monoxide detector before you seal off the outside world!

Close off any rooms you aren’t using and keep your activities to one or two rooms. The extra warmth from your bodies will help keep a couple rooms a little warmer. Use the rooms that are most centrally located in your home.

Never use propane heaters or charcoal stoves inside your home!
Do not use an oven or gas stove to heat a room!

If you have a kerosene heater, you can use this, but be sure to follow the instructions. If you have sleeping bags, use them to keep warm, they are designed for colder temperatures than regular blankets, and will keep your body heat up.

Layer clothing, and make sure everyone is wearing a warm hat at all times. This isn’t just an old wives tale! Most body heat is lost through the top of the head, so keep it covered and you’ll stay warm!

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