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What to Do To Prepare For a Hurricane

What to Do To Prepare For a Hurricane

Since you can’t stop a hurricane in it’s destructive path, you should make sure you are always prepared to handle one. Take the following measures:

Make plans to secure your property. Know where anything loose is, and now where to put it to make sure it doesn’t fly around and do more damage. We recommend having permanent storm shutters installed. Another option is to board up windows with marine plywood. Just using tape does not prevent windows from breaking.

During storm season keep your rain gutters and roof spouts clear at all time. When the storm hits, they will be working overtime and need to be completely cleared.

Here is a complete guide to securing your property during a hurricane. It has been thoroughly researched and documented by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It includes information on the following:

Maintaining EIFS Walls
Protecting Windows and Doors with Covers
Reinforcing or Replace Garage Doors
Removing Trees and Potential Windborne Missiles
Securing Metal Siding and Metal Roofs
Securing Built-Up and Single-Ply Roofs
Securing Composition Shingle Roofs
Bracing Gable End Roof Framing

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