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How to Stay Warm When the Power Goes Out

13 January 2012

There are several tips that a person can stay warm when the power goes out. The first one of the survival tips is to dress in layers. This is because the many layers of clothes that you will have on will help to keep your body warm and this can be a key feature in […]

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How to Purify Water in the Wild

04 January 2012

If a simple hike or camp out goes terribly wrong and you end up being lost in the wilds, rule number one is to survive long enough to be rescued. It is common knowledge that a human being can survive on water alone for weeks or months even. But what if you don’t have enough […]

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Walking Dead’s Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit

27 November 2011

Gerber Legendary Blades sold out of their first run of “Apocalypse Survival Kits” as seen on AMC’s hit series, ‘The Walking Dead” so they decided to make another limited edition run of 200 for all you zombie slayers out there. Included in the pack are seven tools that originally appeared during the second season premiere: […]

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How To Survive A Nuclear Incident

14 November 2011

The most important element of survival is preparedness. The advice and kit lists below are a bare minimum requirement. In order to survive comfortably you need to prepare yourself well ahead of any disaster. Instead of thinking about a new car or last minute cruises for your family, ask if you have fully considered their […]

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Winter Storm Power Outages and How To Survive Them

01 November 2011

Huge snowstorms can knock out power for days, and that means no heat. You need to keep yourself, your family, and your pets warm, and keep your home safe. Here are a few tips. Seal Yourself In! This means sealing all doors and windows with storm doors, and with plastic weatherstripping on your windows. Seal […]

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Motorola Talkabout Two-Way Walkie Talkies

26 September 2011

An often forgotten necessity for any survival kit or bug-out bag, are a good set of long range walkie talkies. The Motorola Talkabout MR350R walkie talkies are an easy and economical solution. These play an important role in your family’s emergency preparedness plan. With a range of up to approx. 35 miles, the rechargeable MR350R […]

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